Guide to Board and Directors in Companies

Who are the directors of a company?

The directors are individuals that represent shareholders in managing the affairs of the company. This group of individuals is called the Board.

Who is an executive director?

This is a director that sees to the day to day affairs of the company and they occupy dual positions; that of an employer and the alter ego of the company.

Who is a non-executive director?

This is a director who attends board meetings only. They are entitled to out of pocket expenses and can only be paid salaries if the articles of the company permits such.

Who is an independent director?

An independent director is a director who is not connected or associated with the Company in any manner and works only to safeguard the interest of the company by improving corporate credibility and governance standards.

Who is a board observer?

An observer is an individual who is permitted to attend and participate in meetings of the board of directors and receive all information provided to members of the board, but who is not permitted to formally vote on matters submitted for a vote.

Who is a nominee director?

A nominee director is a person appointed by the company to represent the interests of the company in place of the actual directors of the company.

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